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Partner with FLAEYC

FLAEYC ensures continuous activity and engagement opportunities for our partners throughout the year, allowing your organization to remain top of mind with our members. 

Why Partner with FLAEYC?

FLAEYC is a membership organization that has been in existence for almost 70 years, serving as the benchmark for quality in Early Childhood Education. It caters to over 3000 members, spanning Directors, Owners, Program Administrators, ECE/Teachers, and College/University Faculty. FLAEYC distinguishes itself by offering year-round engagement opportunities. Notably, it serves both public and private child-care centers. Unlike many organizations that offer only a single conference or limited ways to engage with Early Childhood Education prospects, FLAEYC ensures continuous activity and engagement throughout the year, allowing your organization to remain top of mind with our members.

We’d enjoy the opportunity to talk to you one-on-one about your goals and how FLAEYC can help you reach those goals through engagement with our members!

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Countless Ways to Engage
with FLAEYC Members...

NAEYC Conferences

NAEYC Accreditation Symposium

This is a smaller, more intimate, group of 60-80 center directors focused on accreditation and all that goes with it. If you want to be at the table when directors are looking at new ways to enhance their program and center…this is a great one.

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Innovative Curriculum Showcase

In 2023 we added a new dedicated room near the Exhibit Hall that allows Partners to “showcase” their product first hand to attendees. Products requiring more of a “demonstration” will benefit greatly from this unique partner opportunity.

Laughing during a Lecture

Leadership Summits

This day is dedicated to Center Owners, Directors and Administrative Leaders but with up to 150 Attendees. This is another great way to reach these decision makers at a time when they are looking to enhance their centers.


Hands-on Makers PLAY Space

Did you know FLAEYC has a “PLAY” Chapter? That’s right, we have a dedicated group that meets monthly to discuss any and all things “play” related in Early Childhood Education.

Team Building Session

60+ Unique Breakout Sessions

When we say there is something for everyone, we mean it. You’ll have the opportunity to partner with one or multiple sessions where the content aligns with your products/services. With our new Con- ference Website and App, you’ll also get far more exposure then just those attending a single session.

Movie Fun

Multiple All-Attendee Activities

From attendee dance parties to insightful annual meetings, and cinematic experiences, you'll discover numerous ways to get involved in a variety of events throughout the year.

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